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Your Comments

When I developed this website for my ancestral town of Tluste/Tovste, I really had no idea of how many people might be interested in the contents.

Although I have done virtually nothing to advertise the site over the first year of its existence, there has been a steady stream of readers, some of whom have kindly written to me to express their gratitude for the contents. Although it has never been my intention to publish a "Guest Book" for readers to leave their comments (partly because of the risk of attracting unwanted spam), I have decided nonetheless to publish a selection of the comments I have received, whilst respecting the authors' anonymity.

Thank you all for your kind words, which have made the hard work in researching and setting up the site worthwhile. I hope that you will continue to visit the website from time to time.

Douglas Hykle (Chajko)

You have really done a bang up job on the website, you should be very proud. It is so thorough. It must have taken you many years. I'm sure there are thousands of Tlustites who are very I am. [CH]
December 2007
Your website is wonderful. I'm all weepy right now but you gave a face to the stories my father told me. …. I wish my father had lived to see your website, it would have thrilled him. [CH]
November 2007
Thank you very much for the great job. I don't know anyone who would write about Tovste with such a passion and it touched my heart. The work you all did in the research of the history of Tovste will teach my son, which he can pass on to his generation too. There are no words to describe my and my parent’s appreciation for that. Thank you very much. [AR]
October 2007
Thank you so much for setting up this website on the town of Tovste/Tluste…. Thank you for doing this important and humanitarian work. [LG]
August 2007
Looking at your website, I was able to see, for the first time, the site where my grandmother and aunts are buried. It means a lot to me, and I am thoroughly grateful for the work you have done in creating this most impressive resource. [ES]
April 2007
Thank you for such an excellent website. I will be happy to assist in translation texts (Ukrainian, Russian) [JT]
March 2007
Thank you very much for a great website. The information you managed to collect and lucidly represent is of great value to me and my family who originated in Tluste. [AA]
December 2006
Let me congratulate you on your Web site. Not only is it very well documented and interesting, but technically it is very impressive, very professional. … Your site is among the ones that is a real help for those who are trying to retrace their family roots and also enable all of us who have the same goal to share our experiences. [JB]
November 2006
Your stuff is great and extraordinarily detailed. MANY THANKS. [SD]
October 2006
Many thanks for sending me the news of the launch of your web site on Tluste/Tovste. I think it is a really excellent site, and I congratulate you on having produced it. [TK]
September 2006
Your website is terrific. It is beautifully done and provides a wealth of invaluable information! [SS]
September 2006
The site is stupendous. It’s rare to see a website that is well researched, intelligently written, logically designed, AND aesthetically pleasing. You’ve done it all! [RS]
September 2006
It was very gratifying to know that you have indeed created this wonderful website. I was very impressed with the enormous task you have undertaken. I hope it will be very helpful to many people, who like you are interested in their ancestral history. Your fair and balanced reporting is most appreciated. [TS]
September 2006