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Useful Links (last updated February 2010)

The following are links to nearly 100 websites that I have found useful, interesting or informative during the course of my research. Some links may appear in more than one place, for ease of reference. Needless to say the content of the various sites, and any views expressed therein, are entirely the responsibility of their respective authors.

This selection is by no means exhaustive. Further suggestions or recommendations — and indication of broken links - made through the Feedback form are most welcome.

Archives, Academic/Research Institutions, Societies

Alberta Family Histories Society
Archives of Ukraine
Canadian Archival Holdings on the History of Ukraine
Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies (University of Manitoba)
Manitoba Historical Society
Polish Genealogical Society of America
Polish State Archives - addresses
Shevchenko Scientific Society
Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe
The Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University

Genealogy General

auf Galizien-Online [in German]
Canadian Naturalization databases
Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Records
European Galicia Weblinks
FamilySearch - LDS
Galician Genealogy Resources
Galician Research - German genealogy internet portal
Institute for Historical Family Research (Austro-Hungarian Empire)
One-Step Webpages - Steven P. Morse
The Ships List

Genealogy Jewish
Gesher Galicia - Special Interest Group
JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
Jewish Web Index
Routes to Roots Foundation
Tluste - Family Connections

Genealogy Polish
Polish Art Center - Genealogy and Heritage Books
Polish Genealogical Society of America

Genealogy Ukrainian   
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia
Toronto Ukrainian Genealogy Group
Ukrainian Genealogy Group - National Capital Region (Canada)

History Jewish perspective
Canadian Jewish Virtual Museum and Archives
History of the Jews in Czernowitz (Chernivtsi) - Extract
Jewries in Galicia and Bukovina, in Lemberg and Czernowitz
National Yiddish Book Center - Yizkor Book Collection
The Arenda System - A Boon or Bane for Jews
Yad Vashem - The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

History Polish perspective

A to Z Gallery of Pre-war Poland
Dynasties and Aristocratic Families
Galicja [in Polish]
History of Eastern Poland
History of Poland

History Ukrainian perspective
Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base
Encyclopedia of Ukraine
International Civic Heraldry
Lemk people of the Carpathian mountains
World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) History: Ukraine

Places (Tluste and nearby / related towns, villages)  
Buczacz (Buchach)
Galicia (Western Ukraine)
Jazlowiec - The Town Lost in History
Kamieniec Podolski
Khotyn (Chotyn)
Khotyn (Chotyn) - in Ukrainian
Tluste  (JewishGen ShtetLinks - Suchostaw Region Research Group webpage)
Tovste  ( - in Ukrainian; some of the site's pages are in English
Tovste/Tluste  ( - in Ukrainian; some pages are in English

Bohdan Khmelnytsky


Reference material (Maps, directories etc)

Central and Eastern European Magnates and their Archives
Historical European Maps
Historical Maps of Ukraine
Magnate Landowner Records of Eastern Europe
Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary
Postal codes for Zalishchyky region, Ternopolskaya oblast
Ukraine WorldGenWeb
Ukrainian Map Server

Language Translation facilities  
Polish-English-Polish Translator and online Polish Dictionary
Online Ukrainian-English Translator  (select 'On-Line Translation')
Ukrainian-English Transliteration Table

Online Discussion Forums - Discussion forum
Yahoo Groups: Galicia: Poland-Ukraine

News / Current Affairs
The Independent cultural journal I
The Ukrainian Observer
The Ukrainian Weekly

Book reviews
- The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov ( Y. Buxbaum): Review
- Together and Apart in Brzezany: Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians, 1919-1945 ( S. Redlich): Review
- Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine. The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 1867-1900 (J. Himka): Review

Tourism / Travel / Transportation
Alta-Tour (tourism itineraries for Western Ukraine and beyond)
Podil's'ki Tovtry National Nature Park

Other (miscellaneous)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine