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This extensive website has been developed and is maintained entirely with my own resources and in my spare time, as far as these will allow.  Hopefully, by consulting the Search facility or the Site Map, you will find what you are looking for. 

Though I cannot promise to give detailed replies to specific questions about genealogy, research sources, travel advice etc.  —  all of these topics are covered by other resources mentioned under "Useful Links" — I would be keen to learn about your interest in this website. You may contact me at: dhykle(at)  

Your feedback is most welcome, for example, if you would like to:

Comment on the website, in general, or on any of the content (including any connections you may have to Tovste);
Draw attention to other useful sources of information of which I may be unaware;
Point out broken links or factual information that might need correcting or updating;
Request/suggest inclusion of a link to another website containing related subject matter;

Volunteer your services to translate texts from their original Hebrew, Polish, or Ukrainian into English; or provide financial resources for this purpose; or
Offer financial or in-kind support for restoration or development projects in Tovste.