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1891 Galician Business Directory (Tluste, by surname)

* Compiled and adapted from the database transcription of The 1891 Galician Business Directory (Kaufmannisches Adressbuch für Industrie, Handel und Gewerbe, XIV. Galizien, published by L. Bergmann & Comp., Wien IX Universitutmetr. 6), found at:

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Occupation Category

A - G
Arbesbauer, Heinr. Business Agent Professional
Badler, B.
Grain And Produce Dealer Food sector
Baladink, Mich. Business Agent Professional
Bilecki, J. Shoemaker Tradesman
Binder, Sanie Binder (Agricultural) Tradesman
Bobrowska, M. Weaver Tradesman
Brodowski, M. Cabinet Maker, Carpenter Tradesman
Buchhalter, J. Bellmaker/Foundry Tradesman
Buchhalter, J. Watch-Maker Tradesman
Buchhalter, T. Vinegar Factory Food sector
Dlugacz, Herz Book, Art And Music Store Retailer
Drumer, A. Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer Retailer
Drumer, A. Glass And China Dealers Retailer
Einhorn, H. Wood Dealers Goods/Raw materials
Einhorn, J. Cattle Dealer Goods/Raw materials
Feder, J. Flour Dealer Goods/Raw materials
Fiderer, Ch. Notions And Materials (Fabrics) Retailer
Gärtner, Schewa Baker Food sector
Gertner, M. Chandlers, Gingerbread Makers Food sector
Gross, H. Coppersmith / Cooper Tradesman

H - M
Halpern, E. Guesthouse/Innkeeper Hospitality
Hausfeld, E. Furrier Goods/Raw materials
Hertmann, A. Cattle Dealer Goods/Raw materials
Hirszbein, Hensel Egg Dealers And Importers Food sector
Horowitz, A. Master Carpenter Tradesman
Ilnicki, K. Blacksmith Tradesman
Iwanicka, W. Cafe Hospitality
Katz, H. Grocery/Delicatessen Food sector
Klein, H. Wood Dealers Goods/Raw materials
Krämer, H. Grocery/Delicatessen Food sector
Kubert, S. Tailor Tradesman
Łagodziński, Ant. Gunsmith; Can/Tin Maker Tradesman
[Ł]agodziński, A. Locksmith, Metalworker Tradesman
Lang, G. Brick Works Manufacturing
Langholz, Ch. Wine Dealer Food sector
Langholz, Ch. Guesthouse/Innkeeper Hospitality
Lindenbaum, H. Leather Dealer Goods/Raw materials
Lubicz, Jan Josef Druggist Professional
Maiman, Ch. Grain And Produce Dealer Goods/Raw materials
Maiman, Ch. Mill Manufacturing
Majdancuk Butcher Food sector

P - W
Platzker, E. Drapery, Linen And Underwear Dealer Retailer
Platzker, E. Guesthouse/Innkeeper Hospitality
Pohorylles, N. Iron / Metalware Dealer Goods/Raw materials
Poninski, K. Furst Landowner (With Mansion/Farm) Landownership
Reinisz, Moses Book Binder Tradesman
Riesel, M. Egg Dealers And Importers Food sector
Rubczynski, L. Notary Professional
Saczynski, M. Grain And Produce Dealer Food sector
Schmirer, Herz Egg Dealers And Importers Food sector
Senecki, J. Shoemaker Tradesman
Spitzer, M. Building Material Dealers Goods/Raw materials
Swiderski, Josef Druggist Professional
Teiwer, S. Tailor Tradesman
Weinberger, Dr. Jacob Lawyer Professional
Weinberger, J. Mill Manufacturing
Weinberger, Jacob Business Agent Professional
Wyszynski, J. Master Builder, Architect Professional