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1929 Tluste Business Directory - sorted by Surname

Adapted from: Ksiega Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem dla Handlu, Przemyslu Rzemiosl l Rolnictwa) — Directory of Poland, including Gdansk, for trade, industry, handicraft and agriculture (1929).

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Occupation Category

A - G
Albin, Sam. dr. (gin)
Doctor Professional
Benzar, P.
Smith Tradesman
Berezowski, W.
Carpenter Tradesman
Berezowski, W.
Carriage builder Tradesman
Bilow, W. Butchery Food sector
Bleicher, Sam. dr. Solicitor Professional
Blickstein, H. Corn Food sector
Blumicz, J. Mixed goods Other
Bodnar, W. Wheelwright Tradesman
Brau, J. Coal Goods/Raw materials
Brecher, D. Fancy goods Retailer
Buchalter, H. Hotel Hospitality
Czapliński, P. Shoemaker Tradesman
Czapliński, J. Cabinet maker Tradesman
Dankner, W.
Mixed goods Other

Dubester, R. Leather Goods/Raw materials
Eidelsberg, M. Furrier Tradesman
Einhorn, H. Mill Manufacturing
Einhorn, H. Fabrics Retailer
Eiss, M. Oil manufacturer Manufacturing
Epstein & Fiederer Corn Food sector
Fahrer, N. Fabrics Retailer
Fassler, N. Brazier Tradesman
Flink, L. Mixed goods
Folkenflich, L. Mixed goods Other
Frankel, A. Stone quarry Manufacturing
Friedman, J. Ropemaker Tradesman
Gärtner, M. Fruit dealer Food sector
Gärtner, M. Mixed goods Other
Gärtner, S. Building materials Goods/Raw materials
Geller, S. Footware Retailer
Glück, B. Kitchen utensil manufacturer Manufacturing
Glück, R. Mixed goods
Goć, S. Ropemaker Tradesman
Goldschmeid & Nagler Cloth Goods/Raw materials
Goldschmied, U. Footware Retailer
Grünberg, O. dr. Doctor Professional

H - L
Haiss, H. Street posters Tradesman
Hernes, J. Public house with spirit licence Hospitality
Hertman, H. Kitchen utensil manufacturer Manufacturing
Hertman, P. Articles of food Food sector
Hessing, R. Mixed goods
Hnatiuk, A. Butchery Food sector
Hochman, S. Hairdresser Tradesman
Hollenberg, M. Clock and watchmaker Tradesman
Horbal, H. Cabinet maker Tradesman
Horowitz, A. Carpenter Tradesman
Hortman, H. Leather Goods/Raw materials
Horwat, E. Locksmith Tradesman
Hotyk, S. Wheelwright Tradesman
Ilów, J. Photographic studio Tradesman
Janiszewski, K. Smith Tradesman
Janiszewski, L.
Smith Tradesman
Kamerling, B. Fabrics Retailer
Katz, F. Tailor Tradesman
Katzner, Izak dr. Solicitor Professional
Klein, E. Tailor Tradesman
Kólko Rołniczo Mixed goods Other
Kołvński, J. Mason (Journeyman) Tradesman
Königsberg, A. Shoemaker Tradesman
Kobiernik, Marcin Mayor
Kontaluk, D. Wheelwright Tradesman
Kotler, A. Ready-made clothing Retailer
Krämer, L. Mixed goods Other
Krämer, L. Fancy goods Retailer
Krasucki Corn Food sector
Kulczycki, K. Oil manufacturer Manufacturing
Kuttner, T. Fabrics Retailer
Łagodziński, H. Hotel Hospitality
Łagodziński, L. Public house with spirit licence Hospitality
Langholtz, F. Brazier Tradesman
Langholz, Ch. Public house with spirit licence Hospitality
Langholz, K. Book dealer Retailer
Libman, S. Cattle dealer Goods/Raw materials
Łuczak, P. Leather cutter/saddler
Łukasiewicz, S. Mixed goods Other

M - R
Majer, H. Iron Goods/Raw materials
Majer, H. Clock and watchmaker Tradesman
Majer, H. Ironmongery Tradesman
Makowiecka, Wanda Property owner Major landowner
Makowiecka, W. Brickyard Manufacturing
Makowiecka, W. Mill Manufacturing
Malter, M. Corn Food sector
Mansberg, S. dr. Doctor Professional
Margules Lejz Smith Tradesman
Margules, Leon Tailor Tradesman
Mauler, F. Book dealer Retailer
Meiman, B. Poultry dealer Food sector
Meltzer, S. Building materials Goods/Raw materials
Metzger, A. Public house with spirit licence Hospitality
Mudrecki, Stef. dr. Solicitor Professional
Nagler, Ch. Fabrics Retailer
Neufeld, Sch. Leather Goods/Raw materials
Nussenbaum, S. (wod) Mill Manufacturing
Palac, J. Mixed goods Other
Perecki, A. Butchery Food sector
Pferer, F. Coal Goods/Raw materials
Platzker, I. Fabrics Retailer
Pohorille, L. Ironmongery Tradesman
Putyra, J. Mill Manufacturing
Rades, J. Hairdresser Tradesman
Rawicki, J. Chimney sweep Tradesman
Reichman, M. Hairdresser Tradesman
Reichman, S. Midwife Professional
Reinisel, M. Book-binder Tradesman
Róg. Stan. Notary Professional
Romanowski, F. Butchery Food sector
Rosenthal, O. Ironmongery Tradesman
Roślicki, M. Butchery Food sector

Sa - Sz
Safir, Józ. dr. Solicitor
Schächner, M. Coal Goods/Raw materials
Schechner, D. Ground fruit Food sector
Schechner, H.W. Mixed goods Other
Schechter, R. Restaurant Hospitality
Schechter, S. Restaurant Hospitality
Schilder, A. Iron Goods/Raw materials
Schilder, A. Oils and lubricants Goods/Raw materials
Schöner, I. Agricultural implements Goods/Raw materials
Schor, F. Brazier Tradesman
Schulmann, M. Corn Food sector
Schwebel, M. Building contractor Manufacturing
Schwitzer, M. Leather Goods/Raw materials
Seiden Daw. dr. Solicitor Professional
Shapiro, I. Clock and watchmaker Tradesman
Skulska, M.J. Articles of food Food sector
Skulski, J. Mixed goods Other
Sloboda, Józef. Veterinary surgeon Professional
Smeryczański, W. Mason (Journeyman) Tradesman
Smetiuk, A. Butchery Food sector
Smetnich, W. Butchery Food sector
Sperber, Ch. Articles of food Food sector
Spitzer Building materials Goods/Raw materials
Spitzer, H. Building materials Goods/Raw materials
Spitzer, J. Wood Goods/Raw materials
Spitzer, K. Confectioners shop Retailer
Spitzer, P. Public house with spirit licence Hospitality
Spor, A. Cattle dealer Goods/Raw materials
Spor, D. Cattle dealer Goods/Raw materials
Spor, S. Butchery Food sector
Stein, L. Bakery Food sector
Stein, L. Mixed goods Other
Sternlieb, J. Glass Goods/Raw materials
Sternlieb, M. Corn Food sector
Sternlieb, S. Glass Goods/Raw materials
Straż ogniowa ochotn. Volunteer fire corps Professional
Syndykat Polski Agricultural implements Goods/Raw materials
Szächner, J. Bakery Food sector
Szächter, J. Tailor Tradesman
Szapiro, I. Iron Goods/Raw materials
Szapiro, I. Ironmongery Tradesman

T - Z
Tabak, S. Fabrics Retailer
Teiwer, P. Butchery Food sector
Tittinger, E. Chemist (pharmacist) Professional
Trembowler, Ch. Fabrics Retailer
Wachstein, S. Restaurant Hospitality
Wachstein, Sch. Hotel Hospitality
Wasser, M. Mixed goods Other
Weinschel, M. Articles of food Food sector
Weinstock, L. Clock and watchmaker Tradesman
Wolf, S. Midwife Professional
Wolfberg, W. Mixed goods Other
Zablotna, M. Butchery Food sector
Zabołotny, P. Mill Manufacturing
Żałobajluk Midwife Professional
Zjednoczenie Inwalidów Żydowskich Tobacco goods Goods/Raw materials
Zwarycz, E. Mason (Journeyman) Tradesman

“Narodny Dim” Cooperative society  
“Swiatowid” Cinema  
Zwiazek Kredytowy Saving and lending bank