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Medzhybizh (Miedzyboz)

Medzhybizh was and remains the site of a massive impregnable fortress. Situated at the easternmost extremity of an area that, in former times, retained a Polish character, Medzhybizh served as a last line of defence against Tatar attacks on Polish territory in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.   Fortress at Medzhybizh - source: Wikipedia
Modern map showing Medzhybizh, 160 km northeast of Tovste   Medzhybizh is located approximately 160 km northeast of Tovste (35 km east of Khmelnycky). Already settled in the twelfth century, Medzhybizh had grown into one of the largest towns in Ukraine by the 1600's.

The town is also famous for its connection to the founder of the Hasidic movement, Ba’al Shem Tov, who moved there in 1740 following his revelation in Tluste.

The Besht would remain there for the last 20 years of his life, until his death in 1760.

  Likeness incorrectly attributed  to the  Ba'al Shem Tov