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Greek Catholic Church of 1730

Greek Catholic church of 1730 - interior/exterior montageThe entry for Tluste in the 15-volume Geographic Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and other Slavic lands refers to the founding of parish in Tluste in 1717.

It is not known whether or not a church was actually constructed at that time. However, an undated picture in the Tovste museum bearing the inscription:  “A view of church in Tluste, built in 1730” confirms the existence of a massive wooden church that served the town for an incredible two centuries.

Greek Catholic church of 1730, ca. 1910     Other independent photographs, thought have been taken around 1910, show the church surrounded by a high wooden fence, along with its associated bell tower (pictured at right). Belltower of Greek Cathclic church, ca. 1910

The wooden church was torn down around 1912 to make way for an equally impressive stone structure that took over 30 years to complete, and which exists to the present day. That its wooden predecessor survived for nearly 200 years is a testament to the solid construction and building materials used.

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